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Principal Contractor

Site safety management services

Whilst many contractors remain apprehensive to take on the role of principal contractor, Paramount Contractors provide personnel, procedures and systems to cover this position – either as a secondment to the main contractor or as an independent stand-alone body.

We also provide the tools to help develop main contractors into Principal Contractors through accredited SSIP schemes.

Paramount Contractors have an extensive network of Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) Site Managers who each specialise in specific sectors. As a result, we are able to appoint individuals based on what category the work falls into, carefully matching the person to the project to ensure the right fit.

As part of this role, we can provide full consultancy services regarding people, tools and systems. In addition, we can work with clients in order to identify what they require for prelims, and we can advise and coordinate with the client on what is needed to meet CDM.

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The Principal Contractor service sits within our Paramount Contractors business and provides:

  • A library of systems and tools.

  • Bespoke packages to suit the needs of the project, and who is appointing them.

  • CDM compliant Site safety management